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Buying A House With A Pool?
Call Us First.
We Offer FREE Pool Inspections


Did you know that home inspectors are not qualified to inspect all aspects of a pool,spa or water feature system? Don't miss potentially huge problems. Our certified pool professionals can advise you on almost any issue.
Our FREE pool inspection is great for:
  • Home buyers
  • Home sellers
  • Realtors
  • Banks


Buying A House With A Pool?

Don’t make the mistake of buying someone else’s problems. A&R Pool Service can do a full inspection of the pool, spa, or water feature system and ensure that all of the items are operating perfectly. Home inspectors are not qualified to inspect all aspects of the pool and spa. A thorough pool inspection by a qualified pool company like A&R pool Service can ensure that you are aware of any problems or potential problems that may exist.  Our FREE pool inspection is great for buyers, sellers, realtors and banks. 



Selling A House With A Pool?

The absolute last thing your clients need when buying or selling a home is extra hassels and problems. Whether it’s getting a pool “show-ready” or cleaning up a newly acquired pool or spa, our certified technicians are ready to make things easier for you and your clients.

We show up when we say we will, have multiple techs, are licensed, and insured, and we’re committed to creating long-term relationships.


Approved Realtor Partners

Free Cleaning For Your Clients

Want to score some extra points and leave something behind with your sales materials? For approved Realtor partners we offer their clients 1 FREE pool cleaning. Not just any cleaning either, our certified pool professionals follow a rigorous checklist that ensures the job gets done right the first time.

Even better? We’ll print everything out on a high quality gift certificate with your name, company and logo.

At A&R Pool Service, we beleive it is very important to develop strong relationships with Realtors. Working together we can do some amazing things for your home buyers and sellers. It’s a win-win-win for every party involved. Your clients will be protected from any surprises, you’ll be able to score extra points by offering a free service, and we get to meet new potential customers. Our combined efforts allow our shared clients to get the best services. Our clients benefit by knowing they are working with vendors who have a relationship and trust each other.


Would you like to set up a FREE pool inspection?
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